Know Rio de Janeiro in 7 days.

   Rio de Janeiro is huge. There are many fun things to do and know, for sure. I have visited the Cidade Maravilhosa (Marvelous City) four times, and only now, I believe I have visited all the best places (even though my wife disagrees with me).

Arpoador Beach Sunset
Nice sunset from Arpoador Beach.

It took me longer to have visited all of these places because I never looked for guide assistance in completing this important task. In truthfulness, this 2016 Olympics host city has so much to offer that the first two visits, I felt and you may feel as well, has been and could be overwhelming.

   The beaches in Rio de Janeiro are beautiful, and even though some of them are "not" worth going to, others are a must. The Carnival in Rio is amazing, and let me tell you this, if you were to go there during the Carnival event (which I highly recommend you to), you will need more than 7 days to visit all the hot spots.

   Maybe my wife is right. I have not had the experienced of participating yet in the New Years Eve in Copacabana, but I do have plans to do that soon.

   So, what is the purpose of this web site? A city would not be better known or visited, without knowing the best places to stay, eat, party, travel, sightseeing, or upfront, do. This is where this web site comes in handy. I hope I will be able to help you experience the meaning of why Rio de Janeiro is called the Marvelous City, just in your first visit. I will be very appreciative to your inputs as to the best places you have visited before, so we can all know and in the future enjoy new best places.

   As my wife would say "enough talking let's do it!"