After 4 visits and many stories to tell, I, Ivan, decided to let you know my experience in Rio de Janeiro the Marvelous City(Cidade Maravilhosa). Let me tell you about me first. I am from Brazil, not Rio de Janeiro, and the last 3 years, I have been living in the United States Of America as a student. I study Information Technology.

    From all the places I have been, Rio de Janeiro is by far the most beautiful and entertaining place. It is being four years since the last time I went there. I can not forget that place though. This is why I am writing about Rio. My intention is to help you, who is in Rio or thinking about going to Rio, to enjoy as much or even more than what I did in less time.

    This web site is under construction since August of 2010. I do believe it could be ready in about a year. You may expect about two to three different articles per week. If you do not find something here today, keep looking or subscribe and receive emails to know when the web site was last updated.

   After talking about all the places, I want to set up a guide that you can follow and with that have the best experience in Rio de Janeiro in only 7 days. I do accept inputs. In fact, I would like to hear your story and publish here as well. You can do that by following the links that say "Share your story"(Not implemented yet. It will be soon).

 Ipanema Beach
My wife and I..

    Here follows a pic of me and my wife. If you do have questions about this site, or questions about anything related to Rio

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