Follow This Beach Guide And Be Happy.

   The Beach Guide is only to tell you how to and what to. I can not remember the types of questions I had when I first went to a Rio Beach. However, I came up with the most common questions and here they are. Feel free to ask more questions.

What to wear?

   Girls: The majority of Cariocas girls use Bikinis. It is quite normal to see girls using tiny string bikinis; which are sometimes referred to as fio dental. Some of them will use shorts. It is your choice really. Topless is not allowed at any circumstances. Attempting to do so, will more likely get you arrested, so don't do it.

   Guys: Nowadays most of guys use shorts or surfer shorts. You will find guys using Speedo as well (Don't laugh, it is normal. I used once upon a time), which used to be very popular, but not anymore. It is your choice as well.

How to get there?

   It depends on where you are. The ideal situations are to be in a hotel near the beach and just walk or have a car to drive. However, it is not always possible. If that is the case take a taxi cab, but ask someone, who works in the hotel or accommodation you are using, about a taxi driver he/she trusts. You can also take a bus, but the language barrier can be an obstacle. Buses can be somehow dangerous.

What to bring?

   Besides your credit card, camera, sunblock, and some money apart from the credit card nothing else. Please see the safety tips concerning these items. You should not bring food. Even though food is not prohibited, it is highly unfashionable to bring it. Other items like chairs, towels, etc. are available to buy or rent at the beach. See the tips on how to not get "ripped off". Use a nice plastic bag to bring those items, and remember the least you bring to the beach the best the experience you can have.

   Do not forget to bring a great attitude. It can make a lot of difference. You will see as I have seen the beauty on these beaches if you have a great attitude with you.

Are you ready?
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