Must go Beaches in Rio de Janeiro

Satellite Map of Beaches in Rio de Janeiro

Satelitte Map view of the beaches in Rio de Janeiro.

   Rio de Janeiro is very famous for its beautiful beaches. These beaches are in fact beautiful, but some of them are inappropriate due to pollution, or violence. Each Rio beach has its own particular characteristics, which makes a unique experience when visiting any of them. If you are looking for beach house rentals, the best beaches can accommodate you with prices ranging from $250 - $800/night, $1,500 - $5,600/week, $5,000 - $10,000/month. These prices may vary accordingly with the seazon you go. During Carnival and New Years Eve these prices tend to go up.

Here you will find some basic travel advice tips for going to these beaches.

What is the best one?

Copacabana Beach Copacabana.

I will have to say that it is Copacabana Beach.

 The reason is quite   simple. The history it has. The many outdoor activities that can be done there, and most of all the beauty it represents. If you are at any time bored in Rio, just come to Copacabana. The best of the beaches in Rio de Janeiro.

The Sexiest Beach on the Planet...
Yes, Ipanema Beach

 Ipanema Beach Ipanema.

   Ipanema Beach is known for its beautiful people. It is also in the southern zone of Rio de Janeiro. It makes border with the Arpoador and Leblon Beaches. It is very close to Copacabana beach, and guess what? You can find all that you need there as well. This beach does not have as many beach hotels as does Copacabana beach. However, the number of apartments in front of the beach are many more. It is great for luxury accommodation. Find out more on why Ipanema beach is the sexiest beach on the planet here.

Are you a family type?
Visit Leblon Beach.

 Leblon Beach from the Two Brothers Leblon Beach and the two brothers

You may be the type that likes to listen mostly to the noise of the sea only. This is possible, even in Rio de Janeiro. This is why Leblon Beach is the third in my count.