Buses in Rio for Rapid Transit

   Buses in Rio is another alternative transportation, transporting people out of the Rio de Janeiro Airports. The most popular one is called Frescao (big fresh). This name was given due to one of the services that it provides. The service is: the air conditioning.

   This bus is actually secure and very affordable. They usually depart every hour. I believe the recent updated price is around $6, most likely but no more than that. The problem as I can see with these buses is the time they take to get to your destination; and depending on the time you arrived at the airport, you may have to wait a little bit before a bus become available. However, if you are short on cash or want to save as much as you can, you should use this form of transportation.

   The route that these buses take is mostly around the beaches on the south zone (where most hotels are concentrated) and downtown.

Public Buses

   Another alternative, but not recommended at all, is the public bus transportation. These buses are much cheaper, you will see a lot of them in the airport, but you'll run risks on issues such as: safety, crowdedness, the lack of knowledge of the drop-offs locations, and besides there is no room set apart in these buses for the luggage.

   Do not use these buses, until you are settled in Rio de Janeiro, but even after you are settled if possible try not to use it. If you use it, try to limit as much as you can your pertainings.

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