Copacabana Beach The most famous of all

Satellite Map view of Copacabana Beach.

   I could not start talking about the best beaches in Rio de Janeiro, if I did not start talking about Copacabana beach. It is located in the southern zone of Rio, in the most famous neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro and one of the most known neighborhoods in the world, Copacabana. Its nickname is Princezinha do Mar and it was originated from a Song from Tom Jobim (a famous and deceased Brazilian singer). The name of the song is Princezinha do Mar, which translate to Little Princess of the Sea.

Listen to the song and enjoy the pictures


   This Beach has near 4 Kilometers of extension and make border with the Diabo beach and Leme Beach. This huge size makes this beach reach in outdoor activities, important sport events like the International Beach Soccer and the international leagues of beach volley, mega shows during carnival, New Years Eve and many others. These events usually bring more than 2 million people to this beach alone.

   You may also find a lot of celebrities, especially soccer players and depending on when you go you may find a lot of the big ones as Ronaldinho. You will see a lot of people from everywhere doing all types of things. Take a walk in the Big Sidewalk (Calçadão) and see if you can walk the whole extension.

   This Beach can offer all a tourist is looking for in Rio. Copacabana has one of the most beautiful Rio de Janeiro Hotels called Copacabana Palace (Very expensive); It also has all types of restaurants with amazing food ( You have to try Feijoada and Pastel); It has a great view and if you are a surfer Copacabana is not that good, but the Diabo beach is great for surfing and it is just on the south part of this beach.

If you bring a great attitude to this Rio Beach, you will have a great time.


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