Galeao - Biggest Rio de Janeiro Airport

Satellite Map view of Antonio Carlos Jobim (Galeao) International Airport.

    Galeao Airport is the largest among all the Rio de Janeiro Airports, and I believe it to be the second largest in Brazil losing only to the International Airport of Guarulhos in São Paulo. This is probably the airport you are landing on.

    You probably notice that this Airport has two names. The oldest one is just Galeao, which is the name of one the beaches surrounding it. The second name is Antonio Carlos Jobim.

    Antonio Carlos Jobim is one of the greatest name, if not the greatest, in bossa nova music. He was one of the authors and singers of the Girl from Ipanema , Little Princess of the Sea, among others. His name is reverenced around Brazil, but mostly in Rio de Janeiro, his birth city.

   Even though this Rio de Janeiro airport is one of the largest of Brazil, it does not compare with the largest airports throughout the world. So, it is very easy to find places to eat, rest, etc...

   This airport is divided in two terminals. These two terminals are connected by a travelator. Terminal 1 is where the banks and most of the ATM's are found. So, if you need to get cash upon arrival, this is probably the place to go. You can also find a Post Office here (yellow store written Correios).

   Other important things in Terminal 1 are the restaurants, places for shopping, security baggage wrapping, lost and found office,  pharmacy and a small hospital. If you are looking to rent a car, Terminal 1 is where you will find the companies to do that as well.

Terminal 2 is more specialized in restaurants and shopping, but you can also find a lost and found office there.

 Rio de Janeiro Airport - Galeão Airport Rio de Janeiro - Galeao

   This airport lacks security inspection for the luggages upon your arrival. As soon as you land please go get your luggages, so that nobody else take your luggage. I never heard of anybody getting their luggage stolen there, but avoid the hassle if you can.

Airport Contact

Airport information phone:
+55 21 3398 4106
Flight information phone:
+55 21 3398 4106







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