Why Ipanema Beach the sexiest?

Satellite Map view of Ipanema Beach.



    This Rio Beach is mostly known for its song the Girl from Ipanema written and sung by Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Morais. This music was written because of a Girl that in 1960 walked in this beach everyday glowing her beauty. Her beautifulness inspired those singers. This song put the name of this beach out. The girls is still alive, much older, but still beautiful.

   Today, Ipanema beach has a lot of Girls from Ipanema. They do want to show how beautiful they are. This reason drives the most beautiful Rio de Janeiro and World Girls to that area. I am talking about hot bodies and younger people. These Ipanema Girls drive the Ipanaema Boys to this area as well. Now we have the Girls and Boys from Ipanema in the same place. it is definitely a win-win relationship.

A girl from Ipanema
Another girl from Ipanema
Boy from Ipanema

   You will see allot of girls and guys just like that. I guarantee you. This is why Ipanema Beach is the sexiest beach on the planet.

Watch this video about this wonderful beach.



    This beach is divided by Postos. So, you will find all type of people as you go through the postos. You may certainly find your niche in one of them. The most famous posto is posto 9, where a very know male brazilian politician declared himself gay a while ago. The interesting thing was how he did that, and he did by using a tight thong in this posto. Today, you will find a lot of homosexual in this posto, but it does not mean that they all are. I guess a lot of people go to this posto due to its fame.


So, the Postos are there due to the many activities in this beach. The part closer to the Arpoador beach is great for surfing. You will find beach soccer, beach volley and many other sports there. If you want to play while there, just tell the guys you want to play next ( say it in Portuguese "Proximo"), they are very friendly. This beach is also safer than Copacabana and very close to Copacabana. If you have a younger mind, this is the place for you.


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