Leblon Beach for family types

                       Satellite Map view of Leblon Beach.

    Who should go to this beach? First of all, let me make sure you understand this. The view you will have from this beach is pretty much similar to the one you will have from Ipanema Beach. Why? The answer is simple, this beach mingle together with Ipanema Beach. In fact, you may even be in Leblon and still think you are in Ipanema. The two brothers view much closer is a good indicator that you are at Leblon beach.

Look and understand why they are called the two brothers.

 Leblon Two Brothers Two Brothers - Leblon

  The people that go to this area are mostly people from the Leblon Neighborhood, which I believe to explain why this is a family place. You will find places for toddlers, surfers (Even though this beach does not have the best waves), masseur people, a lot of restaurants and even a new Mall close by. If you are more interested in relaxing, and be away of all the crowed beaches, you should try this one.

   A word of caution: This beach is between Ipanema Beach and Pontao Beach. The closest you are to Ipanema Beach the best. The reason is Because Pontao Beach is usually polluted. You could easily be at Pontao Beach as well and not even notice because there are no division between these beaches. So, try to be closer to Ipanema Beach just in case.

Quick Video of Leblon.




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