New Years Eve in Copacabana


What do you look for New Years Eve? Have you ever heard of Copacabana New Year’s Eve party? Let me tell you this. I hope you have heard of it, and had at least planned to be in its party one of these days. Why? Well, it is one of the most amazing things to be in this earth. First, you have the chance to be in the most known neighborhood of the world (Copacabana). Second, the chance to have an amazing music show right after the new years just breaks up is close to 100 percent. Third, you will see a real firework party that last at least 15 minutes of real intense fire on heaven. It is amazing.


New Years Eve, Fireworks
New Years Eve Copacabana - Courtesy of Mike Vondran .

Copacabana is one of the most interesting places to be at anytime of the year, but it explodes during new years. Some important facts to know are that hotels during this time are packed. If you have the desire to participate in this party and be close by, you have to reserve the hotel at least two months before it happens. New years eve in Copacabana is very popular, and who participated once, wants to participate every year.


How did that all started? The Brazilian people are very superstitious since long ago. The mixture of race, religion, and nationalities made us this way. The African culture is also very influent, since Brazil also imported slaves before the nineteenth century. In terms of religion, many Brazilians follow Candonble. This religion has its roots in Africa, but it was mingled with other beliefs that Brazilians had. Today, I think this belief is very unique to the Brazilian people. Anyway, one of the things that the believers used to do on the 50’s were to, every 31st of December, go make an offer to Iemanjá. Iemanjá is a goddess for this specific religion. The offers were made of flowers and any type of gifts thrown to the sea. The followers would dress in white and sing and dance for their goddess thanking her for the blessing of the year just passed, and asking for blessing in the New Year to come.


Iemanja Worshippers
Iemanja worshippers - Courtesy of Alexandre Amaral.

The beach at that time was not very crowded. A lot of respect was shown to the worshipers and their goddess. Once, around the 70’s, a hotel in Copacabana started to have some fireworks on the 31st. It is not known if they started the fireworks as a way to celebrate for Iemanjá or not, but most of the other businesses around that area started doing the same in subsequent years. The fireworks started to attract much more people, worshipers or not. The majority would dress in white as the worshipers did, and so a tradition was formed.


During the 90’s, politics started to get involved. The commercial potential for this party was just too high. Big events started to take place. People from all over the world traveled to Rio de Janeiro on this date just to see the fireworks. In 94 Rod Stewart made a magnificent concert where more than 3,000,000 people were present. Nowadays, no other international star has participated on that event. However, the Brazilian’s singer stars are there to celebrate the New Year with huge concerts every year.


Magnificent fireworks in Copacabana for New Years Eve.


The number of people present is very contradictable based on information coming form many different places, but the Copacabana beach with an extension of about 4Kilometers is packed. So, we can estimate millions of people present every year.

If you do not like to be down there within the millions of people, but still want to see the party, you can and should see the party from your hotel room, if you are in Copacabana, or a close area. However, expects to put a good amount of money into it. Packages around this time of the year are very, very expensive.


You can have a great time, if you wish so, and start a New Year with a magnificent experience in Copacabana beach with its New Years Eve party.


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