What Rio de Janeiro Airport are you going to land?

   The city of Rio de Janeiro has three airports. One Rio de Janeiro Airport is mainly for commercial purposes, and the other two Rio de janeiro Airports are mainly for tourismis. The two tourism airports are "international". The quotes I used is due to that one of them (Santos Dumont Airport) does one international route (Rio de Janeiro Brazil - Assuncion Paraguai) and domestic routes. The other airport(galeao) does flights to Europe, North America, Central America, other countries in South America, and of course Brazil.

   You will most likely land and take off from the Galeao Airport.

   If you are traveling to other places inside Brazil, you could go through Santos Dumont as well. Especially now that investments is being made on Santos Dumont Airport due to the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics.




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