Rio de Janeiro Car Rental for Rapid Transit

    Should you use the Rio de Janeiro Car Rental Services? Yes, but understand this first.

   Car Rental in Rio at the airports, especially for first timers is not very advisable upon arrival. Why? Well, Rio is a big city. The transit is very complex, the drivers are crazy, and the law not always respected.

   Should you rent a car after you have accommodated yourself in a hotel? Absolutely, in fact there are places that you should be using your rented car for better enjoyment. Places like Angra dos Reis, Buzios, and some historical places in Rio.

   Now, if you are completely sure you want to drive in Rio upon your arrival at the airport, this is what you have to do. Go to Terminal 1 in the International Airport. The big brand rent-a-car names are there. Expect to pay more to rent at the airport.

   I am Brazilian, so I have a national driver’s license, but from what I have heard you will need an International Driver’s License to rent from any of them. I have also heard that if your license is not International, but it is from USA, Europe or Canada, the car rental companies will allow you to rent a car. However, if a cop pulls you over or you get in an accident, you can still get a ticket or arrested for not driving with a valid driver’s license. So, if you are really thinking about renting a car when in Rio, make sure you get an international driver’s license first.

   Should you rent from the downtown area? It is very easy to find in the downtown area or even close to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro Car rental Services. Those small companies have better prices. Some people say that it is not worth it because the cars are not well maintained and you could have problems with breakdowns. When I go, I only rent from those small companies, and I never had any problems. I always make sure the car I get is not crappy.


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