Why Rio de Janeiro Carnival
is the best one in Brazil?


Before I tell you about Rio de Janeiro Carnival, let's talk a little about the Carnival. So, what is this Carnival? Many people, even Brazilians thought that Carnival is a party that was completely initiated in Brazil, but it was not. The Carnival is an actual inheritance the brazilians received from the Portuguese and other Europeans countries.

The Portuguese people long time ago used to throw water, eggs and flour on each other just for a laugh. It happened prior to the catholic lent, and it meant freedom just because of all the restrictions that occurs during lent. As you can see, the Carnival today always starts just before lent, and that is why the dates vary.

Samba Costume
Carnival Mask.

The Carnival parties used to happen in the European countries. They adopted it from the Greek. Countries like France and Italy had smaller parades. They used costumes and masks to pump up the party. The Brazilians used the Portuguese fun, mixed that with the parades of the Italians and French, and added some of the African swing and created songs. The result was the Brazil carnival.

The Brazil Carnival today is considered one of the most popular parties in the world, if not, the most popular. Many people associate the Carnival with the idea of sex, drinks and parties, thus, deeming it as creating a negative representation and an evil party in nature when in fact the Carnival can actually be a culture. It depends on how you look at it.

Brazilian Carnival Vs Rio de Janeiro Carnival.


The whole Brazilian country during the period of the Carnival celebrates and holds parties. Believe me, anywhere you go you will find music, dances and most of what the Carnival has to offer. This topic could generate a whole new web site of its own. The main idea here though is to show you the Rio Carnival, so the main difference between the Brazil Carnival and the Carnival in Rio is mostly the Rio de Janeiro Carnival Parade. Nowhere in the country or the world will you find parades like that. Another huge difference is the Samba dance (even though other states have samba music, none could compare to Rio's Samba dance).


The parades are extremely well organized. The Carnival is so grand and widely popular that the Samba schools start preparing for the next year Carnival once the recent Carnival is over. Sao Paulo also has parades similar to the ones in Rio, but just not as popular.

Rio also has the Sambadrome that host the parade events every year.

Thousands of people concentrate in this area to watch the parades.

Another amazing thing you will find there is the

carnival street parties.