Taxis In Rio For Rapid Transit

   Taxis in Rio de Janeiro is a great form of "transportation" or rapid transit. It is safer; it goes anywhere; and it is faster. However, some precautions should be observed to ensure you do not get ripped off.

   If you decide to take taxis in Rio upon your arrival at the airport, you should not just take any taxis. The best and safest option is to buy a taxis voucher 30% more expensive, but worth it) from the Rio de Janeiro State Tourism Authority desk. After you buy, ask them for guidance. They usually have somebody who speaks English, but it could be a lot easier and simpler if you have written down on a paper the location and the information of where you will be residing while at Rio when requesting assistance from the Tourism desk official.

   If you, for WHATEVER REASON, have to take a Rio de Janeiro taxi that is not provided by the service I just mentioned above, do any of this:

  1. Try to set up a price that you will pay before you leave. The hard part on this is trying to figure out what the fair price when considering the distance you will be traveling. If you do not do that, you will depend a lot on the price the driver will tell you at the end, and believe me it will be expensive.

  2. Use the car taxi meter (it looks like a digital clock located on the right side of the driver) and make sure the meter is showing zero before you leave. When you arrive at your destination the value showing on the meter is the value you should be paying. Sometimes the driver will not erase the meter from the ride given to a previous rider, so you could end up paying more.

  3. You should have a map with directions in case you are only depending on the taxi meter. The reason is simple, the meter may have been reset, but the driver may be taking the longest distance or just driving around and through unnecessary routes to increase sale price causing you to pay more than what you should have paid.

   Unfortunately, this is serious. Taxis in Rio can be great, but I cannot emphasize enough how problematic this is or the precautions you should take. This applies to everybody, not only gringos but Brazilians too.

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